New Book: Moments for Singles

by Veronika

I recently started reading a book entitled Moments for Singles by Leigh McLeroy. It is in a daily devotion format, and discusses various singles topics like Belonging, Healing, Hope, Vulnerability,Community, Courage, and Joy. I hope to work through this book in the next month and a half, alongside my daily Bible reading, to help me refocus on my calling and God’s plans for me in my current time of life.

It’s not a bad thing, being single. I just have to get that in my head, and then take action.

Here’s a prayer from Moments for Singles from Day One, “Are You Alone?”

God, it’s just me. Have You noticed? As much as I try not to, sometimes I feel like one half of a really great pair of shoes. I have so many good things in my life that it seems ungrateful to keep asking You for this one thing, but where else would I take my request? I want to share my life with someone. And I want any choice that brings me joy to bring You glory. Wanting only one or the other would make my life considerably less complicated, but I still want them both. I know that You are completely aware of my sitaution, and that You have plans for my welfare – plans to give me a future and a hope. Even knowing that, I don’t always rest easily. So please remind me that I am Yours, and that I am not alone. I’ll never stop needing to hear that, no matter what my future holds.

I’ll come back to discuss this prayer in more depth tomorrow. Think about it today, and decide whether you’re willing to give your future over to the Lord. It’s not easy, but it’s the most rewarding way to live.


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