The Perfect Man

by Kelsey

So girls, have you heard? I have the perfect man! That’s right, He is amazing! I am so blessed to have Him; I can’t believe that He picked me. He told me that He has loved me forever. He is so great; He listens to me when I talk, and He always seems to know when I’m down. He is always there when I need Him. Even when I think I don’t need Him, He is there.

I have never been so in love before. He is the perfect man. And don’t take this the wrong way: I’m sure your guy’s great too, but he is not as great as mine.

Want to know who He is? He is Jesus Christ!

So, girls, are you jealous? Well, you should be; that jealousy is good. Jesus Christ is the perfect Man, and even better, He is your perfect Man. He is better than the best guy around. Jesus has loved us even before Creation. He is always there for us, and He listens to us every time. Even when we are wrong, He still listens. Girls, my Man is amazing! And He can be your man too!

Whenever we are having a bad day, He is here to comfort us. Even though we treat him awfully, He never leaves. I know that I get down because I don’t have a guy, but really, I should be amazed and forever grateful. I do have a man, and I don’t have to worry about Him leaving me when the going gets tough, and He isn’t going to get mad at me when I have mood swings, and He doesn’t look at other girls. I’m not trying to paint guys in a bad light, they are great! But you have to admit, they are not as amazing as Jesus.

Jesus is the perfect Man, and one day, if it is His will for you, He will give you a physical man. But for now, be content with having the best Man around – Jesus.


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