Happiness and Fascination

by Veronika

I am happy.
I haven’t been able to say that and really, really mean it for a long time. But it’s true.

God’s making it clear to me that there is – shockingly! – more to this life than just romance. Than just the physical touchy-feely part of life. He is more real than anything romance can give me. He has more love for me and more affection than any man, even a husband, can lavish on me. I can’t give Him nearly as much as He deserves back, but I can spend a lifetime trying – and being happily content in Him.

When I get focused on the physical things, the daily ins and outs and the practical, down-to-earth stuff, I miss what God’s trying to show me. God’s got so many plans for me, and I’m just focused on what I want at this very moment, the one little, tiny thing that has fascinated me for a moment. This moment’s going to be gone in just a minute, so why keep clamping my hands down on it and insist it’s the most important, steadfast thing in the world, and only it’s going to keep me happy?

Nothing will keep us happy, ever. It’s all going to fade, it’s all going to go away or get smaller and less significant, and then we’re going to want something else.

The only thing – the only thing – that doesn’t get smaller and less fascinating with time, is God. Usually the more you study something and the more you look at it and play with it, the more comfortable you get with it, until finally it’s no longer “cool” or captivating your fancies. You’ve gone over it so much, it gets boring. Mundane.

God’s the only thing, the only Person, that you’ll never, ever get bored with. Ever. He’s too awesome and uncontained for us to ever lose fascination with. It’s thrilling, incredible, to think about how much there is of Him. How big He is, how much He is. Why should I settle for something tangible that I’ll get annoyed with, bored with, frustrated by, aggravated at, and disappointed by just for some temporary – very temporary – “happiness”? Don’t give in to the thought that only a guy, only a husband, can make you happy. God is so, so, so much bigger. And He’s made me happy to search Him out. There’s just so much to learn about Him….

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